A Literary Cross-Examination of the Costello Brothers – By Their Author

Editing my novel ('Time. Stopped.') means that I have been thinking about the literary value of my characters. Most interesting are the dynamics between the Costello family of six brothers (and two parents), who all posses different views on the issues of status, class and marriage prevalent in the novel.

It’s clear that if you are born with Costello genes, you are destined for more than civilian normality.

But what does this mean?

In the word of The Continent, the Costello family are untitled barony, with a history of war; that is, their alumni and ancestry have aided The Continent for many centuries against the greatest enemies of the Second Continent, even working so far as to have their own Costello Platoon, in which serves every brother and the best fighters from the Big College.

It is this, hence, that they attract great media attention – especially every Costello son born, on whose head a high courting price is laid at birth; to share in the Costello bloodline is a great honour for any maiden.

However, each generation’s Matriarch and Patriarch are aware of this. It is a gruelling regime one must go through to qualify for the marriage selection from which each male chooses when he is ready to be wed. In the current, twenty-first century, the two preliminary criteria are class and beauty. Any woman who applies but falls short to the eye of Costello parents in either category does not make it into selection. Thus, to be Mrs. Costello is one of the highly-prized statuses of our time. Few other families of status apply such heavy rule to courtship and copulation.

It is, in final, the son’s choice, but this has never stopped Costello selection being so rigorous. It follows that there are going to be rouge sons who find themselves out of favour with the large presses and Society Pages, be this due to their choice of wife or due to their acts in society. One must keep, of course, a quiet eye in careful.

As the stress of the Second Continent’s new technology augments on the brothers of tradition, and the class platonic plates shift above rumours of a social revolution, it is no surprise that the twenty-first century has torn rifts between the new and old generations of Costellos.


In this work, I will be describing my thoughts on the Costello brothers, including the protagonist and antagonist of my novel and some supporting characters.

The End

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