Winds of Fate (Dedications)

I loved you once, I loved you twice, and I love you still.

I'm saddened by what has happened to us, our love was so strong before I destroyed it. But life just has a way of coming back and punching us in the face. Maybe one day we will recover and try again...maybe we will not. All I know is that I Love You and will NEVER quit loving you, no matter how the winds of fate may blow. You've proven yourself worthy of my love, but have I proven myself worthy of yours? For now you are my friend and I cannot let you go, after all...It took me four years to get you back. Your beautiful no matter what the world may tell you, and I feel honored to have been noticed by you. May you find happiness and love again one day, and may the winds of fate bring us together again someday.

I Love You, Forever & Always

The End

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