Promise Me? (Dedications)

Wings are a symbol of freedom for those that have none.

We've known each other for quiet some time now, and I've always treasured our friendship over my feelings that I have held for you since before I can remember. Now my deeper emotions bring me to realize just how much I enjoy your company and how you bring joy to my life. You have made me happy when all others fail, you've brought a smile to my face during my darkest nights.  You are beautiful both inside and out, physically and personality wise. You may not believe this, but I assure you that it is true. I am honored to call you my friend, and I am honored to have been noticed by you, age does not matter in my opinion. I make this promise to you; that I will never allow our friendship to shatter and collapse, for you are far to important to me. Now I only hope you can promise me this as well.

I just so very glad to have you..

The End

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