A letter from Jealousy!

If Jealousy had a voice, this is the letter it would write to those who give in to it:

Dear friend,

My name is jealousy and I am going to be your companion for this journey. I know you did not invite me but I am here anyways so let us not go back to how I got into your life, it makes no difference. I mean, why should it matter, didn't your mother teach you to be content with the present moment? She was right, no use trying to find the answer to the “why's” and “how's” just like there was no point in finding that guy “x “at school. Most people got the point; they never could find him unless they copied the directions to where he was from their neighbors. OK, enough said about that. I am a transparent person so I will tell you how I work so that there is no confusion in the future. I know no voice of reason so, don't waste your time trying to explain why we can't be friends, once my mind is made up about something, it is made up and that's that and like I said, right now we are here as friends. The only way you may possibly get rid of me is if you are a selfless person but let's face it, you humans aren't very good at that so I know I stand a very good chance of having you as my friend for the longest time. I have to go, I need to make more friends and oh, I love you and am looking forward to what you and I will do together and please remember, I am driving.

Your friend,


The End

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