Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Today was fun yet stressful.

It was one of those days that starts off badly and gradually gets better as the day goes on. The drama seems to have died down, at least for now. I got my hair cut after school and that always makes me happy. Then I went to a singing lesson, which went well, but it wasn't the best one I've done.

The poster for my English project lies half-done on my bedroom floor, glue sticks and scraps of paper cover the carpet. I managed to find my pencil case. Somehow it managed to find its way into a basket of clean laundry and I discovered it while putting my clothes away.

The blue cup I drank water out of a few nights ago is still on my desk. I'm contemplating taking it down to the kitchen, but don't want to wake anyone up on my way down the stairs. Although a better reason would probably be due to my laziness. 

I haven't turned my phone on in days.

People can call all they want, but I shall never hear their shrill voices coming from the speaker on my phone. "Mercy!" they will cry, but I will not listen for I have better things to do, even though I'm not quite sure what those things might be.

My friends have to work things out themselves this time since I refuse to help them with their problems, I've got enough of my own (like the English project I should be working on now).

Ah yes, the English project.

The End

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