A Journal

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

I have always wanted to write a journal but have never gotten the courage up. Most of my life I have also found it girly and feminine. I suppose I've finally embraced hat more feminine side of me. Logic tells me that writing a journal is egotistical and self glorifying. Why else would anyone write a story about their lives other than to bask in their own glory?

In the introduction above I appear to call myself girlish and egotistical. Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. 

Today I typed an entire paper for English. I also spent seven hours editing about forty-five seconds of video. I've gotten better though; only a few months ago it would have taken me much longer. I've also learned how to put video and audio clips in reverse, sped up, and slowed down, so I also spent part of the day listening to my favorite songs backwards and watching my friends beat each other up in slow motion.

I also learned how to turn a backwards audio clip into a .mpg file. A result of this being that I now have the entire Sweeney Todd soundtrack in reverse on my Ipod.

Oh, the endless hours of entertainment.

While cleaning my room I found a suitcase. When I looked inside it was empty except for a little bottle of Tabasco sauce that I got at the Marriott hotel over Christmas break. This made me happy. 

The suitcase itself is a navy blue color, with a baby blue luggage tag on it that says "Mom loves me best" (my mother put it on there, not me). This blue piece of luggage rolls too, and I always enjoy rolling it around when I take it anywhere.

It is now quite late, and I still must do my French homework, so here I leave you until tomorrow evening where I shall once again grace you with my bizarre presence.


The End

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