Tis the season to be jolly

Another family tale that has been handed down took place in Spotsylvania .  Like my Great Aunt Beth several relatives of mine grew up in Spotsylvania, Virginia aka Fredricksburg. One thing about that area of Virginia is that it was mostly farms when they were children. 

During the holiday season one of my relatives neighbors and gave a fruit cake to them as several people used to do and some still do. Anyway,this one was made with rum. Not just a hint either. We are talking so much rum you could smell it (so I was told). Well my relative was the head of the house and did not believe on having alcohol in the house at all. So after the neighbor left she fed the cake to the pigs. Which they loved so much that after they ate it they would stand up  and squeel till they passed out. Then when they woke up they would repeat the process. Talk about being in hog heaven.;) 

The End

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