A Holy House and other family tales

Every Family has stories passed from generation to generation here are a few from mine.

     My Great Aunt Beth lived in Spotsylvania County ,Virginia .Right next to the Chancellorville  Battlefield. She was a sweet lady but she was also one of those people that was sure they were never wrong too.  These  events  took place before I was ever born and before automatic dishwashers. One day one of her neighbors stopped by while she was washing the dishes by hand. They began talking and after a while her neighbor noticed a gun laying on the counter and  inquired "Isn't it dangerous to have a gun laying on the counter like that?"

My Aunt Beth said " No . Boyd(her husband) just keeps it out for show.Besides it isn't even loaded . See?" She then grabbed the gun aim straight at the kitchen floor and pulled the trigger. 


The gun fired leaving a bullet size whole in the kitchen floor till the house was torn down when she died. Making it a wholey house.;)

The End

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