How to act at your grade 8 grad trip, dance, party, or the grad ceremony...or the whole year itself.

Alright, now here is a subject I know more about. 

Lets start with the whole year. So I know that all of you grade 8 guys are going: "Seriously people, the grad comes at the end of the year." because all the grade 8 girls do is giggle about who's going to grad with who, or what they're going to wear or whatever. Does it seem like all you're ever going to hear is "GRADUATIONGRADUATIONGRADUATION" ?? WELL GET USED TO IT!!!

Now, not all girls are going to be squealing over this whole grad buisness , but if the girl you like, have a crush on, who is your best friend, or who you are dating, just shut up. Who cares if it's not grade 12 prom guys? Some grade 8 girls have been waiting for grade 8 grad since grade 1. Just go along with it!!!! Especially if this is your girlfriend shrieking to her best friend about how she's already picked out her dress and it's only September. If you want to complain about it, complain to your friends (boys, please) about how annoying it is and please make sure your girlfriend doesn't hear you.

The End

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