A guys guide to understanding girls.

Alright all you confused guys who don´t know how to act properly around girls! Here is your ultimate guide to the way we girls act. Like, seriously. Some of you say the worst things ever or act in a way that´s totally irritating. Please read this guide so you can understand us. (Somewhat.)

Introduction                                                                                                            Alright. Guys, how would you say hello to your best friend? Yo, what´s up, hey. Right? Now, how would you say hello to someone that you´ve just met for the first time. Hello or hi, and my name is...? Right? OK. Now here´s the hard part: How do you say Hello to a girl in your class that you hardly ever talk to but you sort of have a crush on her and the school dance is coming up and you really want to ask her but every time you come near her you blush and get all tongue tied and you want to go ask her but at the same time you want to go hide under your desk because you feel so stupid? Well here´s your chance to find out exactly what to do in this situation: This is the ultimate guide to how girls act and how to act around them. (Good luck.)                                                                                             Dannie13                                            PS: To all those guys with girl friends, read this just in case. I have a boyfriend who i´ve been going out with for 3 years and i still don´t understand him sometimes. Hint hint guys: Write a guide to boys so  we girls can understand you somewhat. please.

The End

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