A Game of Murder (Play-Script) Extract

My attempt at adapting a novella of mine into a playscript. Though I've had experience in both fields, I've never combined them. What do you think of this?
'Servant friends Alexandra and Christophe are preparing for their mistress' perverse game of murder...'

An extract from

A Game of Murder

(Written and directed by Angel Sumner)



Alexandra- the housemaid, a pretty girl of about seventeen or eighteen years; our main character; speaks with a mild French accent.

Christophe- the household butler, a kindly man in his late twenties, and Alexandra’s love interest; speaks with a light French accent, ‘dusted’ onto his perfect English.

Mrs. Winters- the ‘lady of the house’, a sometimes hysterical, often childish and presumptuous, bossy woman, a superior to her husband.

Azura Peterson- an actress of fading calibre, of 40-ish years, with two young sons and a divorce behind her. An eccentric, but also a fake, trying to relive her glory years.

Rhaïd Mahalle- a secretive man in his early 30s; Indian heritage and skin-tone, suppositious; speaks with a South London accent, mixed with an Eastern tone.

Thomas Biggins- a business man in his late 30s or early 40s, a good actor and soft hearted man, but concealing something…

The End

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