A Fall To Death

My feet edge forward, my toes curled in my shoes, cowering from the fall

I raise my arms to embrace the showering beads of water thundering down

My clothes drenched stick to my bony frame and and my arms glisten with sweat

The swirls of cool salty air curl my hair in a halo cascading around my face much like the waterfall before me

My adreniline kicks in, my heart thumping a beat through my viens

sending shivers up my spine

I lean forward, grabing onto the sharp thorny bushes  that press allong my back

The smell of forest pines with every breath

I stare down into the abyss of  rushing water

my escape and death looming below, staring back at me with fear and scourge

I swallow the sadness and despair I face

The cruelty and injustice I face

and I use this to push me closer

closer to Fear and freedom

pain and escape

To death

I neal down, my knees digging into the earth

I want to feel the land

I want to feel connected to this life, an attempt to peace with a world

that has only hurt me

Memories flood my brain, all the happy ones

My best friend laughing as we hurdled down Mythnic hill and sunlight hit our backs

The sound of my mothers voice singing lulabys as i closed my eyes to sleep

The smile on my fathers face when I learned to ride my bike

My first dance under the moonlight at creak lake

giggling and sharing adventures with my little sister while we weaved flowers into our hair

The rain pounding on my body as I ran out of the cottage in my bathing suit during thunderstorms

running through the maze of stands at the local circus and climbing on top of my favorite pink horse on the Ferris Wheel

My first apartment with those little round windows and checkered tiles. 

I turn to my side searching among the short grass and brown clay rocks

This is what I wanted, I wanted to remember happyness in my life, my childhood my friends, my mother and father

I see it, a small delicate flower blosoming with pink curled petals

I carefully pull it from the ground, roots trailing, and hold it

It looks so beautiful in my scared hands wrapped around

with deep grooves and cuts weeving along my wrists

I push myself forward once again, staring down

I can feel that this was right, it was time

My knees bend as I propel myself upwards, my hands held in front of me

The tears of joy and finality 

I fly

into the sky, the clouds and streaks of blue happynesss

And than my heart jumps inside of me

as I plumet downwards in slow motion

the flower still curled in my hands

eyes wide open

Yellow dress trailing wribbons through thin air

As I fall to my death

To my escape


-By Riley, A thirteen year old girl from among the clouds




The End

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