A Face in the Mirror

a guy who see's a face in the mirror


A Face in the Mirror

One Monday I woke up and I took a shower. I looked in the mirror and saw a monster I got scared and jumped to the side and peaked in the mirror an saw the monster trying to get out of the mirror. So I got out from hiding and i just stood there screaming, "THERE IS A MONSTER IN THE MIRROR", I ran out of the room grabbed a hammer out of the garage and threw it at the mirror it shattered, the monster jumped out like the mirror was a window into another room and it started chasing me all around the house and the monster was knocking everything over. He jumped threw the front window and ran into the street and picked up a car and threw it into a building and there was a big hole in the building then it started running around like crazy and I knew I had to do something so I went back in my house and called the cops and I was screaming in the phone telling the cop that there was a monster on my street but they didn’t believe me and I kept screaming at them then they said that they wouldn’t come and then they finally said that they would send 1 cop over when he showed up he parked in my driveway and he got out of his car and screamed. He pulled out his pistol and started shooting the monster but it wouldn’t die it just got more mad and he picked up the cop car and threw it as far as it could and it hit the ground and made a big crater then he ran inside of my house and called the called the army they flew there jets in and shot the monster and he exploded and there was blood splattered all over everything and then the cop asked me if he could use my parents car I said yes if he buys me donuts. We went and ate the donuts and they were very good.


The End

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