A Day of Doing Nothing (or everything)

This was a day, my day.  it was spent doing nothing., and doing everything. 

I woke at my usual time 5am, I made my usual cup of postum, sweetened it, creamed it and promptly poured it down the drain. 

My breakfast of 1 egg, 1piece of toast, 2tblsp yogurt, out the door.  I fried 3 pieces of bacon, fried 2eggs in the bacon grease, toasted 2bagels and slathered them with 100% butter. 

I made real coffee, as strong as I possibly could and poured myself the biggest mug I could find.

It was 8am, time for my meds, I took the bottles out of my medicine bag one at a time, Lasix 80mg take 1.50 pills by mouth once daily, Amiodarone 200mg take one pill by mouth once daily, Aldactone 25mg take one pill by mouth once daily, Enalapril 2.5mg one pill by mouth once daily, Coreg .625 or something like that  1 pill twice daily..Yep pills out the window. 

Today I didn't feel like peeing, checking my pulse constantly, didn't feel like having to eat, didn't feel like being dizzy, didn't feel like being sleepy. Though that would happen anyway.. 

I rummaged through the fridge..Cheesecake.. yes that will help the diabetes.  Oh yes glucovance 500/5mg, won't be taking that today. 

I shoved the dishes into the sink, left crumbs on the cabinet and bacon grease on the stove.

What to do now, vacuum.  I didn't know the bag was so hard to get out of the darn thing, anyway, I finally managed to loosen it and, threw it in the middle of the living room floor.

It was time to shower, hmmmm?  I don't think so!  I plopped down in front of the computer and Imd Bill, wrote him something, and when he opened his window, I closed mine and went to the bedroom. 

I stood there staring at my bed, so pretty, what did I pay for that comforter, $150.  I poured fingernail polish on it, threw it on the floor and jumped up in the middle of the bed. 

The sun was setting, I sat on my bed and watched it go down, a feather floated past my nose.  I sighed, it was time for bed.  I layed on the floor on top of the comforter and closed my eyes. 

It had been a good day.

The End

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