A Darkness So Beautiful

Night. A time so wondrous that it makes everything magical. And yet people are afraid of it. This personal review, an article upon night is an attempt to change that perspective of people.

One of the youngest memories my mind remembers is being a part of the darkness and enjoying that temporary blindness. My heart never held me back with any sort of gruesome images or thoughts, which as a rule children's minds make when they are in the absence of light. On the contrary, I would bravely explore the hidden mysteries which that blackness offered me. Never was I as excited as when night embraced the day, and brought with her the surprises to pique my interest. One of the best gifts that she gave me were those tiny, twinkling lights scattered in millions all over that pitch black sky. Oh what a sight! That endless sea of stars sparkling against such enigmatic background. For me they were my real fairy tales. With one charming prince with his charismatic aura, traveling far across the abstruse lands, in search for his beloved princess. Yes maybe for the majority the sun is the real deal but then they never have observed that silver sheen of the moon. They never have gazed at him and felt that soul warming peace deep down their heart. Indeed my prince was never too bold to outshine his neighbors. He modestly stood at his place, lightly whispering to his minors to cast their own light out. Such a gentleman he is, isn't he? And then there were some of his close friends, who upon his encouragement shone a little brighter then the others. Sirius, as I later came to know his name, was one such friend. Twinkling so brightly that he would dazzle my mind.

Yes there were other residents too. Strange people they were. Some wore clothes while others hunted through the sky. But that never saddened  me. See hunting requires great courage and that valor would pump me up and with renewed ecstasy I would search for others who gallantly stood to their positions. The Saptrishi, the name was known to me when I came to higher classes , was the easiest to recognize. Seven stars, gleaming ever so lightly and yet standing out easily from the others.

How can people miss out these stories which the night sings out to us? She was never frightening to me. How can she be? She softly croons her lullabies into our hears, brushing our cheeks with that fluttering breeze, as if kissing us goodnight. And whenever those clouds dreamily crept in, as if playfully teasing my moon, my breath would get stuck up in my throat. How they would partly veil my prince, and he ever so humbly would let them pass. But for me, that was the most exotic part of the night. It was if every fairytale came to life. The magic was so evident, so magnetic that all I could do was to gaze spellbound. Who needs stories of us mortals when night is all performing them for us? And people are afraid of her. Such fools.

Just for once lie under the open night sky. Let yourself drift into the enchanting depths of the nightfall. And she will do the rest. Gently she will take you into her arms and hum a lullaby so beautiful that no worries would ever shadow your mind. All you would feel will be a quiet, tranquilizing sleep, slowly hugging and carrying you away into the alluring world of stars, where the prince awaits you with all his charms..

The End

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