A cut above the rest

A review of a local hair salon that I was asked to do, just want to make sure it's professional enough

“Hi, welcome to chi! How are we feeling today?” is the welcoming greeting when stepping into the light room of the hair dressing salon. Looking around it doesn’t look like one of those salons where you feel like the walls are closing in on you and that people don’t care why you’re there but are only thinking about the money. There are the most comfortable chairs that you can sit on to wait. Even though the room is in a building and doesn’t open outside the feeling of openness is definitely alive in that room. You feel very warm and cosy there. The atmosphere could not be more welcoming; everyone knows each other and are always smiling genuine smiles.

Of course style is essential for a hair salon. Luckily this place is one of the most stylish places that I have ever been to. The minute you’re in the chair your hair stylist will ask is you have any specific preference or requirement and they will style your hair precisely the way you requested, without a single flaw. If you have no preference, or aren’t sure what style would suit you, your hair stylist would give a few suggestions, but leave it all to you, and, if you’re still not sure she would give you the best, or most fashionable style possible. It would be so good that all your friends will be jealous.

Now for the pampering! The whole process is incredibly enjoyable. Your stylist will: wash your hair, blow dry it, straighten or curl it, colour it, the list goes on and on. Every single customer who sits in the seat is immediately made to feel at ease, this is helped by both the luxurious surroundings and the staff who are completely competent, and incredibly skilful people.

Now that I’ve brought it up I should really talk about the amazing people who make the salon the remarkable success it is today. Now I can honestly say that I am one of the shyest people alive! These people make shyness a concept that does not exist They are possibly the funniest and friendliest people in the world. Whenever you leave the salon you not only have a great hair style but a huge grin on your face. There is also quite a large variety in age which helps a lot if you’re more comfortable talking to people nearer to your own age.

Once you’ve left you immediately think “how long do I have to wait until I go back there?” Out of ten, every time I go there my satisfaction, as a customer, is definitely ten. To make it easier, the staff estimate how long it’ll take for your hair to need a cut so they set a date straight away, this makes it so much easier.

The End

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