You are infinitely worse than nicotine

A casual affair: that's all I want from you, right now. I just want you as I've wanted you to be for so long. I want the heat, even if it burns me. I want you to lose control, to see the excitement in your eyes, as much as I see disgusting eagerness in my own every time I think of you. I want the desire to flood your system. The stimulus, the cure- all yours for the taking. Eventually, you'll crave me as much as I crave you. And  the fun can really begin. Then, it can be forceful, full of fire and the desire to make the other give in first. I know you'll never see this, and you'll never do such a thing, yet the possibility makes you all the more enticing, darling, all the more appealing to me. You are my apple, and I will fall every time. 

The End

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