1. Last Saving Grace

The day God took your breath away,
Was the day I swore my childhood would never stay;
The words that escaped your mouth were of pure hope,
That your oncoming death would elope
Until the darkness of the night,
Where not even a single light can fight.

The day God swore to you to take you out of your pain,
Was the day my mother's heart was slain,
When she heard her one and only was gone;
Oh God, I could only ask, what have you done?
You may have taken his hurt away,
But with us it will always stay.

Every year on a thirteenth of December,
We sit quiet and pray for a member
Of our family we miss more than he'll ever know,
Why can't he see the damage we all show?
This day was the time I changed for good,
More than any child really should.

This was the first time I really cried,
As I heard his happiness had died;
Maybe someday we will meet up there,
In a place so white and quiet, I don't really know where.
The day God took you away, a day we never want to again, face,
This was the day God did you well, It was your last saving Grace.

The End

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