A Collection About People In My Life

There are several people who have changed me for the better and for the worse, No names will be mentioned and none of them are from protagonize. They will be from my past and present.

I always believed that we were placed here for a reason,
For love, for hope; not for any treason,
But there are several people who have gotten the best of me,
Who have stunted everything I could ever be,
But with those come the ones who always where,
Standing by my side through bad and through good, there.
The list is not long, nor is it really short,
These are the people who, to the current me they added,
The anger, the love, all that is related; the ones who gave and took my much needed support.



1. Last Saving Grace
2. The Love of A Child
3. Something To Hold Onto
4. The Lies That Were Promised
5. Mistrusting
6. Lost and Found
7. Newly Found Heartbreak
8. The Past Haunts Us
9. Pick The Ending
10. This Is Only The Beginning
Ending. Still Waiting


The people that have changed me I will always think about,How they have come across me, that they helped me become me,That I would never be who I am without them,
                                                                        I will never doubt...


The End

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