I had just got home from visiting my grandmother,(my mum's mum) she was a very tall lean woman,that hated me (I was my fathers daughter... and hated to be apart from him) that in turn was a major part of their feelings towards me, They hated my dad for what he had done to my mother.

My mother was still a broken woman, She had been released from hospital and was working, that weekend my mother had bought me a small doll, and some sweets.

I have never remembered having any bond with my mother, even as an infant I never hugged or kissed my mother, she was just this woman who we saw randomly throughout our childhood.

My father came to pick me up, it had felt like a lifetime waiting for him to come,we drove home and my dad quizzed me(which was standard on the drive home) about what was said,

When i got home I saw my brother and my newly made up cousins(through my step mother) I had gone upstairs to put my new doll in my bed and returned downstairs, a couple of hours later when i had gone to bed, I went to check my new doll, on the floor is where i found her head, the rest of her little plastic body was strewn about the bedroom, I was confused, who had done this?

The next morning, I was informed by HER.... That little girls who played with dolls...."had really bad lives"....... and that was that, from that day...SHE tortured me on a daily basis,

I never played with dolls, and my life was only ever BAD...when it was left in someone elses hands.....

My father believed he was doing the "Right thing"...........

The End

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