A Child...Me?....When?

An insight of memories of a child.... that wasn't allowed to be a child.....


Since I can remember........ I was always looking after something or someone.......

My earliest memory is.....being about 3yrs old, going to meet the woman my father was bringing to look after me and my little brother, my brother was born with Epilepsy and constantly had fits, so my father decided to get my mother some help.....my mother at this point was 29 and suffering from depression.....

I was "Daddy"s little "Boy".......He always refered to me as his "First Son"......(wanting a son as his first born....and getting a girl)

I was born in 1978 and came in to the world nearly 3 months early.... I weighed 1lb 2oz!

I was a Survivor from the start.

My Parent's had been subjected to an "Arranged" marriage.....My Father was well educated man, my Mother was a simple woman, not well educated, they had two children that were both brought in to the world...... with no thought of what they would have to endure in their sorry excuse of a "Childhood"

Me and my father had gone to london , to meet this young woman that was going to come and live with us to help look after me and my brother, we got to a flat, that i remember had red carpet up the stairs, leading to the flat..... I met this woman, that was obviously trying to befriend me, she told me to come to her, I refused, she told me she had "Shakin Stevens" in her  wardrobe!..... (i know....! but i was 3 and loved Shakin Stevens!) so i believed her and went to her and there was no Shakin Stevens!!!! The first LIE i can remember,

 This was the start, we had gone and picked the woman who was going to change everything.....

Within a month of her moving in, my mother had moved in to the attic, a week later my mother left with 2 bags of clothes a bloody scar to her head, and a look of sheer devastation in her eyes, I watched her from the window, I remember getting my little brother and sitting behind the sofa and passing him a bottle of milk.

The End

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