A Cappella

Something's missing...

Scene 1: INT. Ben's Basement - Day.

Dani walks past a large drum kit, and picks up the acoustic guitar case in the corner of the room. She flings it onto her back. She looks around slowly at the drum kit, electric guitars, bass guitars and microphones.


An amp is humming across the room. Dani walks over and switches it off. She sobs once as the red light on the amp goes off. She rushes to the stairs, takes one last fleeting glance, and rushes upstairs. She turns the light off when she reaches the top, and closes the door.


A poster falls from the back of the door and lands on the top step. Light from a crack beneath the door falls upon it. It reads; "Jurassic Spoon, playing 16th July." Across the page in red marker is the word "Cancelled".


The End

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