Liar Liar, Pants on Fire

You always complain that no one will listen to you. But I'm hurt that you think my ears are never open. I see you everyday, and I'm ready to hear you, to see what you have to say. But you won't speak, no matter how hard I try to coax you into voicing your unheard thoughts.


And you will say that you want me to come with you and tag along, it'll be fun, we'll all have fun. But when I get there, you ignore me and act as if I don't exist.


And you'll say you love me, that I'm your best friend. But of all of your friends who "can't compare to me," you treat me like dirt and hurt my feelings on a daily basis. What's worse is you single me out.


You want me to support you, but when I try, you don't accept it, thinking I'm taking pity on you and treating you like my charity case.


You say that you never ever lie to me, yet when I ask you what's wrong, you always say "nothing."


I do so much for you, and when I ask for something in return, I'm thought to be selfish and inconsiderate.


You wonder why I'm finally taking a stand and refusing to listen to your pitiful "Woe Me" tales.

You wonder why when I ask you to come with me, it feels like I'm ignoring you.

You wonder why I'm stepping on your feelings.

You wonder why I ask you to support and help me, then refuse to let you do anything for me.

You wonder why when you ask me what's wrong I lie and say "Nothing."

You wonder why I'm finally beginning to do things for myself first.

I've had enough of feeling like year-old chewed gum. I'm calling "Liar Liar Pants on Fire" and pointing my fingers straight at you.

The End

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