A World My Own

The world I live in has an orange sky dotted with square blue clouds, and earthed in a grass so red you should think the life is bleeding and spilling out into the open.

The trees are all hollow, a home to anyone and everyone. The leaves are transparent and they sparkle and glitter in the sun. When a soft yellow breeze drifts lazily on by, the leaves roar and holler, loud base drums beating ferociously.

The rain is crisp and cool, and the lightning is pink and blue smoke rolling through the air. Thunder is a gentle whisper tickling your ear, flattering you and complimenting you as if you're the only care in all the land.

I have two right feet with big left toes, and lavender eyes, solid gray skin. My friends live inside my head, and when they sing, my ears ring.

I never frown in this land with orange skies, blue clouds and roaring leaves. My heart never touches the ground, and my eyes face the horizon.

I can walk along a rainbow path to the edges of the world and light the stars on fire in a dark green night sky. It's never completely dark, even though the sun travels millions and millions of miles away each night.

The moon takes over and spreads a hazy violet warmth in every nook and cranny.

In my world nothing is ever the same. Each new second of life is filled with adventure and color, never fading away in my memory.

Everything stays alive, so long as I can believe and remember.

The End

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