A Broken Promise

Friendship remains even when the person is gone...

FM=Friend's mom
FD=Friend's dad

RM: Are you leaving again?

H: Yea, I am getting ready now. Did you see my other pair of socks?

RM: I don't know, check the bathroom. Where have you been going every Tuesday's afternoon? You usually don't come back until late in the evening.

H: I am meeting up with a friend. She is not feeling too well, so I am keeping her company.

RM: Well, that is nice of you. What is she down with?

H: ...

(Knocks on the door)

H: Can you get that? Grr...where is that sock?

RM: Okay, I got it.......its for you.

H: I'm coming. Oh, hello FM and FD. I was just getting ready to leave.

FM: Hello, H. I just wanted to come give you this. She wanted you to have it. (Handed over a beaded bracelet that spelled out H's name.)

H: ... (Stunned) I don't understand.

(FM started tearing up as FD put his arm around her)

FD: H...F passed away last weekend. We're sorry we didn't contact you sooner, it was all happening too fast for us.

H: No way...we promised that we would make friendship bracelets together today. (Her face turns pale as she try to make sure that this is all really happening.)

FM: Thank you so much for always being such a great friend to F. Despite her serious condition, she was always happily looking forward to meeting up with you every Tuesday. She would always smile and laugh when you were around. (FM grasp H's hands) Thank you. She only smiled when we were around because she didn't want to upset us. But, we could tell that she was truly happy when she was with you. She knew her time was coming, so she made you this. I am sorry she couldn't keep her promise with you.

FD: We have to go, but we will let you know the details of her funeral later this week. Thank you so much for everything. You were truly a great friend to F and a big support to us too. We know that F wouldn't be happy to see you so sad. You will hear from us again soon. Good-bye.

(Both exited)

RM: I am so sorry, H. (RM hugs H as she broke down and cried.)

The tears were for F, for F's parents, and for a dear broken promise.

The End

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