The only place I can speak truly is on Protagonize, because no one knows me personally, and the person whom this is about will never see this.

I’ve been trying to think

What it is that makes me love you

And why I get this feeling

Of giddy relief from your eyes.

I think that when one talks of love

They must never be specific

Because trying to figure things out

Can make everything seem trivial

Love shouldn’t be understood

It should be mysterious

Treasured, and valued.

My greatest treasure

Is you.

For all the good that is does me.

There’s a feeling of being whole

And when I’m not with you,

That feeling turns to aching

A heartbreaking

God forsaking


But see,

You and I

We have a bond

I don’t know if you can feel it

But if you can

I wish you would

Do something to reveal it.

This little musing

It’s miles away from poetry

But it was something that needed

To be said.

Whether or not

It’s something that’s been heard.

The End

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