9-11-01 Third Graders View

September 11th, 2001. So long ago, yet I still remember the confusion. Since I live 2 streets over from the elementry school, I rode in the car, late again, with my mom. I walked 2 my third grade classroom, which had my teacher Mrs. Lewis. I knew nothing of what happened until the late morning, right before lunch. I saw a couple of teachers rushing down the hall w/a few kids. Apparently a couple of my fellow students did too since they questioned our teacher.

“Mrs. Lewis, what happened? Is everything okay?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you.”

Why couldn’t she tell us? We had a right to know. later my mother informed me that some parents didn’t want their kids 2 know. I didn’t fully comprehend that, at the time. Maybe a half hour later my mom came in & got me 2 go home, since the princible announce we’d B gettin 2 go home earlier. My mom had taped what they were showing on t.v. My mom explained it. Still today, I feel that there shouldn’t be a war. Why fight fire with fire? U just get burned. Im not trying 2 take away ppls feelings, this is my own opinion. Please dont B offended.

The End

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