this was an entry for my bell work from my sociology class this morning, and i kinda turned it into a thing :p

funny business outta the way, this is about 9/11, which to me, is a subject that is very hard for me to talk about, not because anyone i know died that day, but because i am an emotional wreak

What do I remember about 9/11?  I remember the planes crashing into the towers.  The fire and the death.  I remember the people jumping out of the windows  and falling to the ground.  The tears and the screams that filled the air.  The smoke, the devastation, and the despair.  I remember seeing peoples' faces on tv, and watching as their expressions turned to those of horror as they stood and watched.  The memorials for the towers, for the fallen; for the brave men and  women who sacrificed their lives that day.  The world will never be same for anyone who lost a loved one: a child, a father or mother, a husband or wife....And even though the pain may be too much to deal with, we will never forget.

<3  Thank you to anyone and everyone who helped on that day.  And for anyone who lost a loved one, you will always be in our prayers. <3

The End

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