7 Little Things.Mature

7 little things about various characters in Harry Potter, Merlin and Doctor Who.

1. Morgana from BBC Merlin

1. She always wanted an older sister. 

When Morgana was small she always used to asked Vivianne and Gorlois, her mother and father whether she could have an older sister. She never understood until later on why her mother went quiet whenever she said that and he father would say it wasn't possible. When her mother and father had died and she came to live with Uther, her idea of having an older sister died. Instead she had a younger brother, Arthur and she hated him at first, he was big headed and arrogant and annoyed her in every way possible. After a while she got used to the fact that he was now her only family other than Uther and she became fiercely protective towards Arthur. Her idea of an older sister disappeared as she was an older sister now, but the idea never went away.

2. When she was 13, she had a crush on Arthur.

Although now she wouldn't admit it, she had a crush on Arthur when she was thirteen. She didn't know when it started or how it happened but she looked at Arthur one day and realised that beneath his annoying exterior he was actually quite handsome and the kind of person she would want to date. She confided in Gwen about this who told her that Arthur wasn't the right person for her as they conflicted to much. This hurt Morgana at first but when she thought it over she realised that Gwen was right. Arthur did annoy her, but other than that all her men had to be to Arthur standards of chivalry and loyalty. It was the reason why she hated when suitors came because they never treated her like Arthur did, as an equal and it annoyed her.

3.  Her maidservant was her best friend and most trusted advisor. 

Gwen was to her like Gaius was to Uther, her most trusted friend and loyal advisor. Gwen had appeared in Morgana's life when she was 9 and to start off with to Morgana, Gwen was her best friend and not a servant. She had always told Gwen to never call her M'lady but Gwen had always believed that everything had got to be done properly. When Gwen and Morgana were 15 Gwen decided to start acting more like a servant and doing her chores and this irritated Morgana. She even went to Uther to complain but he just sent her away saying that Gwen was employed as a servant not to be a friend and that Morgana should be friendly with ladies of the court and not servants. When Morgana was alone with Gwen though she treated her like a friend and not a servant and that's the way its always been, something Morgana's thankful for.

4. She always knew what happened to Ygraine 

She had never meant to find out, but Uther and Gaius were discussing it rather loudly in the throne room and she was in the little room at the back of it playing with her hair while watching Arthur out of the window doing training. Uther had requested she stay in the little room while he spoke to Gaius, obviously not expecting Morgana to hear the conversation.  The conversation had been quite dull and Morgana hadn't really taken any notice until she heard a woman's voice. Then the argument started and Morgana listened as she found out that Arthur was born of magic and this woman, Nimueh was the cause. This was when she started to hate Uther. He had forsaken the life of his wife, and he knew it was going to happen just so he could have a heir. Morgana never looked at Uther in the same way again, but kept her mouth shut about the subject. 

5. She didn't like Morgause at first. 

When Morgause first came to the castle, Morgana thought she had stumbled across a female version of Arthur. Arrogant, brilliant with a sword and also genuine and charming just like Arthur. She even looked a little like Arthur which drew Morgana back to the conversation she had heard all those years ago. A child was born in Camelot that was handed over to the old religion. A girl who was smuggled out of the castle during her father and mother's first visit apparently. Morgause confused her and she hated her because she was prettier (in Morgana's eyes) than her, and she caught Arthur's eye. It was only after she had met Morgause the second time that she started to realize Morgause was different to Arthur and actually very likeable. 

6. She has only ever hated one person for more than two years, which for Morgana was a record. 

Uther. He had become the fixation of her hate since she was 10. That was when she had overheard the conversation. She had stewed on her hatred for all those years, but when he became more and more paranoid and almost killed Gwen her hatred grew. Him throwing her in the dungeons didn't help and killing Gwen's father for a reason that had no evidence hammered another nail in the coffin of her and her 'surrogate' fathers coffin. When she realised she had magic, her relationship with Uther grew worse and worse and Morgana didn't care. The final nail in the coffin was after a year away in Camelot, it was only when he thought that she was going to die did he tell her that, Gorlois wasn't her father, he was. She didn't know why she heard but she did and it angered her so much even Morgause couldn't calm her down.  

7. She was afraid of fire, but it was her strongest element. 

She had an afinity towards fire, but she was terrified of it. Her father and mother had died in a fire and ever since then she had never been able to attend burning's or see too much fire. Morgause always found it hilarious, and Morgause helped her overcome her fear. She loved Morgause with all her heart and she finally had an older sister who she could talk to and who she could get help from. Morgause had helped overcome the fire issue and had always mourned with Morgana for their loss and helped her let go. She was eternally in Morgause's debt for that. 


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