a story abotu a boy and a girl who live far away and they are in love but they cant be together. i wrote it for osmone for there birthday and reasontly added more and now its complete i really like it.

her name was Ligal
she was just a girl
mixed up in war
fuelled by the west
she sits there all quite
maybe she’s depressed
longing for her love
she looks tearful at best

if God revealed his commandments
on mount Sinai
then why does he leave her
to just sit there and cry
if God rewards the good
then why is she alone
everyone ignores her
like she’s strange and unknown

his name was Dale
and he was just a male
mixed up in famine
fuelled by the poor
he sits there all quite
maybe he’s depressed
longing for his love
he looks tearful at best

if Jesus is our saviour
then why hasn’t he been saved
he’s peaceful, he’s loving
and mostly well behaved
if Jesus performs miracles
then surely it’s his turn
instead he’s living in a hell
left there to just burn

together they stand
as one, holding hands
together there invincible
together they’re best friends
no longer sit there all quiet
no longer depressed
no longer longing for their love
no longer tearful at best

so why they apart
does our god have a heart
why they so distant
is our god non-existent
why they so far
does our god know who we are
why they so secluded
is there love not included


The End

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