This, ladies and gentlemen, is my two hundred fiftieth page.  In acknowledgement of this milestone, I thought that I ought to do something special.

Therefore, I shall write about writing.

I suppose, this being my 250th page on Protagonize since April, that would make me a slightly more prolific author than most others on the site.  Of course, that may be because other people are more selective about the material that they post.  I, you see, tend to write something and say to myself, "Hey, let's put this on Protagonize and see what happens!"

Thus, a fair portion of those previous 249 pages are complete and utter rubbish, idea- and content-wise.

I tend not to write with any sort of plan or direction.  I find that when I do know where I'm going, I tend to get stuck, unable to get there.  I need to work on this. 

That is the reason why my novel, The Patchwork Castle, turned all wonky in the middle.  It is also the reason why I have not posted anything new in it for a while.

Now, I try to write poetry occasionally, but I'm no poet.  I occasionally stumble upon something that works, but I really don't know why it works.  I don't get poetry, I guess.  I will often glance at a highly recommended poem on the site and find that I do not understand why it was so lauded and praised.  This, I suppose, is a message that poetry is not a medium I should attempt--a message that I have ignored, and will continue to ignore.  That accounts for a fair portion of the aforementioned rubbish.

Sometimes I'll write an essay, or an essay-like object such as this one.  I refuse to follow the format I learned in school.  My mother thinks my essays are excellent.  My AP Comp teacher was not of the same mind.

Although, that may have been because most of the essays I wrote for that class came into being around midnight the night before they were due.

I'm rambling now.  Time to stop.

The End

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