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1. Why are you directing this to Bill Nye specifically? And why didn't you begin with "Do you believe you are"? I'm sure, whether or not Bill Nye is influencing children in a positive way (he is), he probably doesn't have the authority to say whether or not he is, only if he believes he is.

2.  Why did you ask this question? Do you think the word "atheist" is synonymous with the phrase "five year old child who shuts his eyes to make himself believe the bogeyman isn't real"? When we say we don't believe in a God or Gods, it doesn't mean we're scared of one, it means we don't believe. However, because you asked if I am afraid of a, as in any, divine creator, my answer is "no, in the same way I would not fear Adolf Hitler or Pol Pot. I have my own feelings towards evil, and they do not include fear."

3. Kevin already explained a lot of this already, but let me summarize this in a way that people from buzzfeed can understand.

The Earth is created, then suddenly, poof. Adam says "I'm alive! And I'm in my late twenties early thirties and can make women appear out of my ribs!"

Does that sound logical to you?

4. "The second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of an isolated system never decreases, because isolated systems spontaneously evolve toward thermodynamic equilibrium—the state of maximum entropy"

That is literally the first sentence on the wikipedia page, and already it has answered your question. Key term: isolated system. The Earth is not an isolated system, it takes in energy from the sun.

Furthermore, just for fun, would anyone care to tell me any of the other laws of thermodynamics? All you ever talk about is the second.

5. Are you insinuating that in order for there to be a sunset, we need a God to move the sun into place behind the horizon? If so, what are you smoking, and can I have some?

6. I had to Google what this one actually said. "If the Big Bang theory is true and taught as science along with evolution, why do the laws of thermodynamics debunk said theories?"

Now that we've gotten that out of the way:

Please read that, you clearly do not understand thermodynamics.

7.  Noetic Science is multidisciplinary field that brings objective scientific tools and techniques together with subjective inner knowing to study the full range of human experiences.

Even with that in mind, I highly doubt the studies of things such as consciousness and world view have anything to do with why I believe in evolution.

8. Procreation and biological processes and methods in order to further species development, survival and triumph.

My answer, however, is my own. I promise you there will be millions of answers like it across the internet.

9. I was about to answer the question "how did the universe begin?" before I re-read the question. I now have a much longer answer.

Chance certainly played a role in the creation of the first single celled organism, however, given that most, if not all, life on Earth is carbon based, it would be fair to make the assumption that carbon, along with its isotopes and several other substances, combined, thus forming the first unicellular organism. To understand how elements combine, or stick together, or merely react, consider taking a class in chemistry or bio-chemistry. Or googling experiments on youtube. Sure, I doubt there will be any involving the production of life, but once again, chance did play a role in its creation.

10. This wasn't meant to be a question, Kevin, but I'll respond anyway. If you're unwilling to accept the big bang theory and prefer believing that a God or Gods made it happen, that's fine, but I don't think you need to word it in such a way to show that you not only, in fact, ARE a Christian, but, get this, you also don't believe the big bang theory. How interesting and unique of you.

11. 1. The original message did in fact use the wrong form of "there". 2. Secularists/Evolutionists/Huminists/Non-God believing people actually don't believe in intelligent design. If they did, they would not be "Non-God believing people", they would be at least deists. As for them believing that this intelligent design was caused by aliens, that to me sounds like a religion. Also I don't think that's true for this reason: If the aliens created the universe, what created the aliens? If the aliens have always been there, who's to say the universe hasn't always been there? If the aliens created themselves, who's to say the universe didn't created itself?

Look familiar to anyone?

12. I had to Google Lucy as well. Lucy was in the genus of Australopithecus, which went extinct some two million years ago. There are actually a number of different specimens from this genus, including Karabo, a 4'2" skeleton encased in stone over millions of years. By the way, they weren't the missing link either. Further googling revealed a number of different species before them, including Orrorin, who lived 6 million years ago and looked EXACTLY like I would expect a monkey to. The more we look, the farther back we go, and the closer we get to labeling every every species of early human.

13. This question literally means "Do butterflies help support evolution?". Animals that go through metamorphosis do so as a stage of life, much like the jellyfish (I really want to make a story about jellyfish). It's evolution on the same scale that Pokemon is evolution. To further understand this, Grade twelve or entrance level university biology touches up on this quite well.

14.  Creationism is not a theory. Theories are falsifiable. Creationism is not. Evolution is taught in schools because you can gain a better understanding of evolution by studying it, and further develop into it. You cannot do this with creationism. Evolution has actually been called both fact and theory, and a good explanation is offered by this person:

15. Definition of science: the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

Again, there is no issue whatsoever with being a theory, but science as a whole is not a theory. Also, I feel like I'm answering the same questions, come on buzzfeed, get it together.

16. This is a really weird question for a creationist to ask someone who believes in evolution. Especially considering its answer doesn't need more than 2 words. "Natural selection". Now this person underlined the word increase, so I'll explain. The monkey with one eye is significantly advantaged over the monkey with no eyes, and therefore they will die off quicker to make way for their superiors.

Kevin offered some other good sources, I don't feel the need to repeat.

17. Kevin is a pessimist. Though I do agree with him on the fact that I wasn't put here for a specific purpose, I arrived here by way of reproduction. What purpose do I have now? To live, make my world as good as I can for myself and those around me, that sort of thing. I don't need the promise of a magical land in the sky to tell me to be a good person. And if you do, then whether it's real or not, if you're going there, I don't WANT to join you.

18. Does anyone actually know what Lucy was without saying "the missing link"? As soon as you find the answer, you'll also find that she isn't unique. This is also the second time I've seen something along these lines, these messages certainly range in creativity.
 See 12.

19. Faith is the belief in something based on apprehension rather than proof. 1. The big bang is a THEORY. Theories come about through hypotheses, which come about through evidence, limited or not. Those who do believe it, know that there is some proof for it so far, and furthermore: 2. Many of us are AWARE that the big bang is not yet perfect to answer every question we have for the origin of the universe. That's why we continue to build upon it. This isn't a belief based on faith, I'd barely even call it a belief based on proof. It's not a belief, it is a constant search and struggle for answers about what started it all.

20. I love Earth, but you know what else I love? Not Earth. I adore outer space, and I adore everything about it. I still have drawing of myself as an astronaut from when I was five, but I'm getting on topic. Yes, Earth is awesome, but it's not THAT awesome. For example, why is it so difficult to grow oranges in Canada?

There's a planet out there that may be made out of diamond, and a nebula made out of alcohol. If someone did create the Earth, they did a horrible job of placing it, which brings me to the point that if someone can screw up the placement of the planet, they don't deserve their praise. I could mention the videos details Earth's creation by people like charlieissocoollike on Youtube, but you can find that yourself. The point is it's too imperfect for me to believe it was made perfectly.

21. It was not a star. Science does not know where the materials used came from, but that's why scientists are still figuring it out, to learn. Also:  read it. You'll learn things.

I am aware that wikipedia is not a perfect reference for things such as this, but my point is that for the most part, most messages used in this display are able to be refuted simply by googling them and checking wikipedia. If you want to make a point, make it a solid point.

22. ... "If we came from Monkeys then why are there still monkeys?"

If America was colonized by the Spanish, then why is there still Spain?

This man has not heard the term "common ancestor" before, so I'll let him believe that we all evolved from monkeys, and I'll make sure he never learns what the word "biology" means, because whatever world he's living in inside his head, it must be nice there.

What have we learned today, everyone?

The End

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