22 Answers from an Athiest

buzzfeed posted 22 messages from creationists to people who believe in evolution. I felt the need to answer. This post was in response to the Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate. I will first display the question then the answer.

1. Q : Bill Nye are you influencing children in a positive way?

A: Well I can't speak for Nye. (but i feel he would say yes) but if you were to ask anyone interested in teaching evolution and science to children. I would say yes because it is an important way to think , grasp and understand what is around us.

2. Q: Are you scared of a divine creator?

A:  I am not because I do not believe there is a divine creator.

3. Q: Is it completely Illogical for the earth to be created mature . I.E trees created with rings. Adam Created as an adult.

A: Yes. Looking at fossil evidence suggest that living things grow, and grow through stages starting from big to small. From a fetus to a baby, baby to teenager and so on. If everything came into being in a mature stage why bother with the previous stages? Also looking at the many sedimentary layers that cover the earths surface. There was period of time before mankind can even be found in the fossil record. If man came into this world mature then why didn't we pop in at the very beginning? Also we can clearly see the previous iterations of humans leading up to homo sapiens in the fossil record so we can clearly say that we never appeared on this planet mature. 



4. Q: Does not the second law of thermodynamics disprove evolution?

A: No it does not. Here let's have a look.. "The second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of an isolated system never decreases, because isolated systems spontaneously evolve toward thermodynamic equilibrium—the state of maximum entropy."

also for clarity lets also define Entropy "a thermodynamic quantity representing the unavailability of a system's thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work, often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in the system."

now as you can clearly see the second law is saying that in a Isolated system the entropy (otherwise the unavailability of thermal energy) will never decrease because the system will move to a state of absolute entropy. ( no thermal energy)

Note it says Isolated system. Earth is by far not an Isolated system we have the sun which delivers thermal energy all the time. 

Also I just want to quickly go through why thermal dynamics is being related to Evolution I quote from talk of origins archive "Entropy is an indication of unusable energy and often (but not always!) corresponds to intuitive notions of disorder or randomness. Creationists thus misinterpret the 2nd law to say that things invariably progress from order to disorder."




5. Q: How do you explain a sunset if there is no god?

A: Easily. See the world is spinning while orbiting the sun.  As the earth spins the sun appear to move from one horizon to the other. As it is sinking in the horizon it then disappears because the part of the planet you are standing on is no longer facing the sun. If you are inquiring to why the sun before it sets leaves a beautiful orange or pink colours then stay seated.  This is because in the sky there are tons of particles in the air , pollution, water vapour etc. These particles scatter suns light because of this the shorter wavelength of colour blue show up making the skies during the day blue. However when sun is setting the light actually has to travel farther through the atmosphere which scatters the light even more which only leaves the leaving the longer wavelength of light which is red. 



6. Q: If Big Bang theories as science along with evolution why do the laws of thermodynamics debunk said theories.

one I think there is a misunderstanding to what the big bang is. The big bang theory model that everything existed was condensed into a huge hot singularity that started to expand and cool into the various elements that we see now. It did not just pop everything into existence.  As into the regards of thermodynamics once again we are not seeing a closed system. Next.


7. Q: What about noetics

A: Noetics is a philosophy that looks into the study of the mind and intellect.  Exactly what about it?  Noetics is not producing any evidence against evolution it talks about the mind and intellect. Which evolved out of having a bigger brain.

8. Q: Where do you derive objective meaning from life.

A:  That's a question that varies from person to person. For myself I don't really see a meaning I just am, and that's alright. I also think that if here you should work towards the betterment of humanity and hopefully make the future a brighter place for future generations. 

9. Q: If god did not create everything. How did the first single celled organism originate? By chance?

A: Yes and isn't that amazing! There is a little more to it how amino acids started to copying each other until creating the very fist bits of life.

10. Q: I believe in the Big Bang theory. God said bang and it happened.

A: Not really a question. Like I said earlier the material that make up the universe didn't explode into existence it was already there then the explosion happened.

11. Q: Why do evolutionists/secularists/humanists/ non god believing people reject the idea of their being a creator god, but embrace the concept of intelligent design or other extra terrestrial sources? 

A: I myself believe there is a possibility of aliens out in the universe, but I do not believe they have done anything. Or have anything to do with us; or that they have ever been here. By extra terrestrial I do believe the big bang theory but I don't believe it was by the mechanics of any being but by the natural laws of physics. So I don't embrace this concept either. For those who do I guess they see evidence for it and that's why.

12. Q.  There is no in between the only one found has been Lucy, and their only a few pieces out of the necessary for "official proof"

A. Excuse me but we have found more than just one pre homo sapiens sapiens fossils and other support evidence than just Lucy for our own evolution. We have Neanderthals, homo erectus. More than I care to list. But I will leave you with a link. read from primates onwards.


13. Q. Does metamorphosis help support evolution?

A. Well let's get one thing straight metamorphosis is not evolution. Evolution takes greater scale of time than metamorphosis. But that does not mean it is support for creation through the flawed logic of irreducible complexity. ( basically stating its too complex to have evolved an intelligent designer must be behind it all.) There would have been slow steps that would have evolved the stages of metamorphosis. For more details I implore you to read.


14. Q: If evolution is a theory why is it taught as fact.

A: My question to you is have you ever looked up what theory means in a dictionary? It has  a few meanings.  An idea that may or may not be true or still to be proven. Or a systems of Ideas that have been tested , can be tested and are hold out to be true. Evolution is a theory to which we have tested and still test and keep finding evidence that hold it to be true. They're are facts that back evolution up, and those facts are then taught.


15. Q: Because science by definition is a theory " not testable or repeatable." why do you object to creationism or intelligent design in school?

A: One it seems to me the definition of theory is not being understood again. Also science is repeatable, scientists repeat the same tests over and over again. To make sure the conclusion fits the theory and supports it. At schools those results are then taught. We object to intelligent design being taught in schools because it is not compatible with evolution, which has far more evidence than intelligent design.

16. Q:What mechanism has science discovered that evidences on increase of genetic information seen in any genetic mutation or evolutionary process.

A: Well there is a few actual things that happen that mutate DNA and usually involves our cells messing up when dealing with DNA. Cells are constantly copying, transcribing using the DNA for cellular and body functions often that means unwinding a bit of DNA piecing together complimentary codons, and so on. Sometimes there are substitutions, insertions, deletions, or frame shifts ( the dna being read at wrong interval)


for an overall better understanding of evolution go through this site.


17.Q For what purpose are you here if you do not believe in salvation?

A:  Nothing I'm just here. I put self imposed meanings. I believe that I should take steps to make the future a better place for the next generations.

18. Q: We have only found one Lucy when we have found more of everything else.

A: We've dealt with this before and if you mean other animals. There are tons of fossils that have been unearthed that disprove this statement.

19.Q: Can you believe the big bang without faith?

A: Yes as soon as there is evidence that disproves it. Faith involves absolute belief, and nothing will change that. For Now the Big Bang is the most satisfying answer with the most evidence so for now that is what I will believe. If there is a big bang shattering theory I will be there.

20. Q:  How can you look at the world and not believe someone created it/ thought of it? That's Amazing!

A: When I look at the world I go wow I understand all the systems that make it the way it is and it all just happens. I feel amazement from that. It really amazes me how evolution works and how it is responsible for the natural filtering system in my liver. It amaze me how erosion shapes our surroundings. It amaze me how chemistry keeps the sun burning. It is awe inspiring that light we are seeing from other stars are millions of years!

21. Q: Relating to the Big Bang theory where did the exploding star come from?

A: I have explained this before, also it's not an exploding star.

22. Q: If we come from monkeys, then why are there still monkeys?

A: If you came from you mom, then why is your mom still around?  or as the thinking atheist put  it ,"this would be the same as asking if America is populated by England why do we still have England?". Our cousins the chimpanzees came from another successful line of evolution and that is why they are still here. Just because something is made and turned out pretty good doesn't mean it's going to wipe out other pretty good product lines.

Alright that all there is, and yes I used wikipedia as source which is generally not acceptable academic source but as many university professors say is its a good starting point and is generally written from academically acceptable sources. I was writing this in my spare time and did not feel inclined to open up large academic journals and do a full citations lists.

The End

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