21 Guns

A long, saddening road.  It would seem that way to anyone in this caravan.  Driving up a bend to the final destination.  The sky was getting cloudy.  Could the rain make it any better?  The people within the caravan wouldn't notice.  Soon, they came to a stop.  Everyone got out of their vehicles.  Nearly all were dressed in black.  Customary for such an occasion.

Standing out from everyone were several marines.  They wore their uniforms with many stripes, and badges.  They stood there, saluting.  Then one barked an order, and they slowly slipped back into attention.  In the background, an echoed order was heard.  A line of seven more marines stood with rifles, near the graves.  Everyone walked to seats next to a coffin.  When they sat down, orders were sounded and echoed.  The riflemen presented their rifles as two marines walked towards a table.  One carried an urn, while another carried a folded flag.

The preacher then spoke some words before turning to the marines.  "Ladies and Gentlemen!  Let me introduce the United States Marine Corps."  A marine with a sword in his hand, turned to the riflemen.  "With a magazine of blank rounds, load!"  The riflemen turned half-right, pulled up their rifles, and loaded a round into the chamber.

 "Ready!"  All clicked off safe.  

"Aim!"  All aimed over the crowd's heads.

"Fire!"  Shots rang out in unison.

The people started to cry.  A second volley was sent out.  After the final volley, a marine took the flag from the table, handed it to another marine.  This one looked important as he had shiny bars on his collar.  He walked over to an old woman, the wife of the deceased, and knelt down to give her the colors.  "Please take this flag as a testament to your husbands service."  The officer stood back up, then saluted the colors.  More orders were barked out.

Soon the marines were leaving.  A sad day for the family.  That's what one of the riflemen thought as he took off his dress blues.  He hung them up on a rack, and closed his wall locker.  He takes his computer from under his rack, and types..

"21 Guns"

The End

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