Day 31: I Was Put On This EarthMature

Last day of July, and the last bonus prompt! It's been a blast. I hope you've enjoyed reading my works as much I've enjoyed writing them. 

Prompt: If I had to guess, I think I was put on this earth to_______.

Result: Umm, this:


            If I had to guess, I think I was put on this earth to: live, breathe, sleep, kill, eat, shit, grow, breed, die, and rot. But I don’t like being told what to do by anyone – least of all my own traitorous body.

            Mother Nature, as much as I love and respect you; in this instance, you can go suck chicken. You are holding us back. You want us to grow up just like all your other animal children, but some of us want to be more. It’s true that in the past, you knew best (and many kudos to you for raising us up to this point), but it is a poor student who cannot surpass their master. We’re ready to leave the nest now. Let us go. We can support our own future now. Let us take it.

            You’re afraid we’ll lose touch. I understand. I fear it, too. It would most assuredly be a grave mistake for the whole family if we did. I do not intend to let that happen. This is not goodbye. This is graduation from parent-child to peer-peer. We’ll respect your laws, but we won’t always follow them. We’ll remember your lessons, but we won’t always use them. You’re afraid we might fail. Again: so am I. If we do, you’ll still have our siblings to care for. If we don’t, you have as much to gain as we.

            Now wish us well, stand back, and watch.

            We will grow. We will learn. We will rise up. We will be more.


The End

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