Day 30: My Connection with NatureMature

Prompt: My connection with nature_______.

Result: A poem. Surprised? 

Maenad amongst Dryads


I walk amongst my sisters
beneath their wings, green-feathered
betwixt their legs, rough-skinned
Theirs are the roots that grow from the deep earth
umbilical to Mother’s womb
Theirs are the fingers that catch the sky’s tears
milk from Mother’s bosom

My sisters dance in place about me
above my head, brown-leaved
around my limbs, soft-barked
Mine are the claws that dig the deep earth
drawing Mother’s blood
Mine are the teeth that gnash my brothers
feeding Mother’s belly

I walk amongst my sisters
They slumber, full of vigour
I thrive, full of dreams
Ours are the spoils of life from death
our children reaping Mother’s bounty
Ours are the turns of incestuous cycles
our fathers sowing Mother’s soil

My sisters stand beside me
breathing the breath that fills my lungs
I walk amongst my sisters
bleeding the blood that fills their veins
Should they die, I’ll burn their bodies
and shelter in their bones
Should I die, they’ll feast upon me
and host a banquet for the worms


The End

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