Day 26: Still Holds Me BackMature

Prompt: _____ still holds me back.

Result: Poem

Forecast By Hindsight

I have a shadow

Sometimes it looks just like me

A perfect silhouette

My yin

Sometimes it is distorted


My lies, my fears, my sin

It is always shackled to me

It is always grabbing hold of things

Shackling me to them


I have a light

And where it shines, my shadow flees

When I throw it high, it shines upon me

I can see me clear as day

But I am blinded to all else

And my shadow pools around my feet

Sticking me in place

Complete clarity means stasis

I cannot regress

Nor can I progress


When I shine the light ahead

My shadow flees behind me

Into the comfort of the known

It fears the future

It drags behind me, growing ever longer

I move slowly for its weight

Every step is agony


But when I shed my light upon the past

My shadow runs ahead

It changes, stretches

Into the shape of what I will become

It reaches

Towards the place I am going to be

Every step I take in chase

Throws it farther

It shows me my path before I take it

It gives me time to change it

If I must

A funny thing, too

The light still shines ahead from behind


I have a shadow and I have a light

I don’t always get the balance just right

Sometimes the light still makes me blind

Sometimes the shadow still drags behind


The End

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