Day 24: My FamilyMature

Prompt: My Family______.

Result: more poetry

Blood and Bread


I will not blame them for the ways they disturbed me

Nor begrudge them for the ways they perturbed me

What good would that do?

And for who?

Instead I will praise the things they did right

The weapons they gave me to bring to the fight

The way my mother did not pass on her fears

The day my father first showed me his tears

The words of encouragement, if rare, from each brother

The devoted cheerleading of my grandmother

There are dark words I could say

Of many a long-ago day

There are fingerprints I could match

To the knives in my heart that I can’t detach

But the past is the past

And I am present at last

So I’ll let it go

For I know

That I am who I am because they were who they were

And I am a product of nature and nurture

Those two things they gave me in darkness and light

These weapons they gave me to bring to the fight

The End

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