Day 22: Morning DewMature

Prompt: is the photo below: [The photo was of grass covered with drops of rain or dew]

Result: A sultry set of poetic imagery.

Morning Dew


Night’s passions blow one last hot breath through the wild ravine

It awakes the grass from dreaming

Each blade dripping with dew

Soaking and slicking the digits of their inaugural interlopers


A blushing flower blooms amidst the brush

Beaded with perspiration

Her innermost whorl is coaxed to rising by the early honey-seekers

A sigh of breeze and droplets trace the curves of each pink petal

Bowing and quivering under their wet caress


The heat now rising once more

The bustle of life sends a shuddering breath to the sky

A bursting forth of jubilance in morning’s bounty

Fast broken and hunger sated

The earth erupts into the day

The End

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