Day 18: When I Was a TeenagerMature

Prompt: When I was a teenager_____.

Result: raw emotion.


            When I was a teenager, it was the best of times; it was the worst of times. Life was so much simpler, yet infinitely more complicated. When depression struck, I thought I was at my loneliest. But I was surrounded by more friends than I am ever likely to be again. If I known then what I know now… No: that would have made me even more depressed.

            When I was a teenager, I was lucky. So very lucky. I suffered so few of the body issues so many other girls do. All because I had that support network of close friends. Having found myself all but alone in adulthood, I have since suffered those issues. We built each other up so high back then; it’s no wonder just how far I fell. How hard I hit the bottom.

            Someone get me a spatula, please. It’s slow going trying to scrape myself up with just my own two hands.

            For the life of me, I would never want to be a teenager again: shy, confused, conflicted, powerless. But to live like one is so tempting: the endless days, the wild nights, and the friends, the friends, the friends.

            Oh… How I miss the friends.

The End

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