Day 14: DragonflyMature

I was out all day yesterday with no access to a computer. So I am catching up today.

Prompt: is the little fellow to the left. [A photograph of a blue dragonfly]

Result: poem


Your life begins in water
Burst in birth through a placenta
Built of hydrogen bonds
Keep two gleaming drops for eyes
Before you leave the pond
Take to the skies on wings of stained glass
Each leaded panel a window and a mirror both
The surface of a bubble
It is carte blanche for you
To blend into the blue
Or to stand out against its hue
Every colour is at your command
Your body is your canvas
Your vision is your brush
Bend, twist, and dance on air
Bend the light to your will
Make it break and reincarnate
As the players in your dreams
What was blue, now make green
What was yellow, now turn red
Truth is but a puppet to your whim
You are the body of beauty
You are the spirit of freedom
You are the dragonfly


The End

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