Day 12: I BelieveMature

Prompt: I believe in_____.

Result: more verse.

Panacea Placebo

I believed in you

I drank the poison from your lips

Sickly sweet and bitter, too

I was starving for affection

But beggars cannot choose

I was content with your infection

I sheltered underneath your tree

And I grew stronger, sadder, sicker

With each apple that you fed me

I was pious, unquestioning, devout

Your religion was the cure for all my fears

It was the cause of all my doubt

A panacea placebo

That leaves me bare and burning

The cleansing fires of limbo

Falsely free; your poison still holds a dark allure

And the only way to slow the death

Is to drink more

Sickly sweet and bitter, too

I kneel before you to receive my communion

I believe in You


The End

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