Day 8: Time CapsuleMature

Prompt: Someone has discovered a note in a time capsule that you buried 100 years ago. Tell me (in 5 minutes) what you wrote on that note. (You might need 10 minutes for this one! :)

Result: ....poem? A message from one present to another.

Time Capsule / Black Box

Dear Reader,

            Please forgive us.

We did not mean the harm.

Yet we saw it and turned our heads; our backs.

If we can’t see it, it’s not there.

What we don’t know can’t hurt us.

So we’ll stop learning and forget.

Ignorance is bliss.

But bliss is the sedative before brain death

And brain death leads to full death.




Don’t forgive us.


Dear Reader,

            If you’re there.

If anyone is left.

We did know.

And knowledge is power.

And power is obligation.

And we neglected it.

It was our watch and we shirked it.

Fear not the evil man,

But the good man who sees evil being done

And does nothing to stop it.

I saw it.

I did what I could.

I think.

But did I?


Dear Reader,

            If you survived,

You deserve so much better.

Forgive us, Dear Reader.

We failed you.

Forgive me.

I failed.


Yours Regrettably,

            The Dead

The End

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