Day 5: Being FreeMature

Prompt: Being free means_________.

Result: Free verse... See what I did there?


Being free means accepting your bondage
pulling your own strings, turning your own key
Following the red thread and finding yourself at the end

Being free means seeing your chains and not letting them drag
Wrap them around you, take them with you
to see where they start

Take the swords from your enemies and make them your armour
Take up your shield and make it your sword until someone disarms you

Being free means recognising your cage
exploring its dimensions
Don't beat against the bars but twist them to a shape of your liking

Don't tear down your walls but paint them your colours

Being free means never bending
Better to break and reform anew
Take the apple and then be the serpent
Swallow your own tail and never grow hungry

Being free means knowing you are not
but not letting that stop you
Carry on anyway

You can not rule what you do not understand
So look to see, learn to know, take control to let go
Deconstruct and build yourself to study your parts
Repurpose God's design

Take up your own reins
bind them to your own hands

And you are bound to be free

The End

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