Day 4: I AmMature

Prompt: I am_________.

Result: Surprise! Another poem.

The Chink

I am stubborn as an ass
Once a fault
Now a virtue
I do not do what I choose not to
Try to lead me
I dig my heels in
I move for no man
None shall pass

I am a wall
Made of stone
With rice mortar
I don’t let in whom I don’t need to
Try to push me
I push back
Don’t beat your head
I will not fall

I am a mountain
Head in the clouds
Feet on the ground
I see the wood but not the trees
Try to climb me
I don’t mind
My shoulder’s cold
My heart’s a fountain

I am brittle as glass
Made of sand
Strong but fragile
I let in light but not the weather
Try to see me
Look right through me
Show your colour
I am strass 


The End

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