Day 3: My Favourite SmellMature

Prompt: My favorite smell is_____.

Result: another poem.

The Elements Savoured

My favourite smell is air

The wind it fills my lungs with privilege

Breath of all life shared alike

From sky to tree to man to sea

Endless borrowing; all to one

Endless lending; one to all

My favourite taste is water

Rain cleans my tongue of bitterness

Sweat and tears sluice want from bodies

Blood of generations flow

Endless sharing; male to female

Endless giving; root to fruit

My favourite sound is earth

Her echoes fill my head with wonders

The voice of ages calls to all

From throat to ear to mind to heart

Endless ringing; thrum of being

Endless singing; hum of living

My favourite sight is fire

The flames they fill my core with power

Gift of stars to all their children

Sanguine flow of earth below

Endless beginning; dark to light

Endless ending; light to dark


The End

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