Day 1: When I Was FiveMature

Prompt: For day 1, fill in the blank:  When I was five_________. 
(If another age comes to your mind when you read this, then use that number... when I was three____, when I was ten______.) 


When I Was Five

When I was five, I fell on the path

It wasn’t the first time and would not be the last

But it left me a scar around two inches long

and a memory of concrete and blood and my mom

I guess in some ways it gave me a lead

All the ways I could stumble, all the ways I could bleed


When I was five I didn’t know that yet

I just looked at the bone through the cut and I wept

That scar has stayed with me; my oldest friend

and it will still be there when I meet my end

I can’t even recall now how much it stung

I just know where I was and how far I’ve come


When I was five, the world gave me its brand

and I know now I don’t have to lie where I land

Some think scars are ugly; to be hidden or feared

but to me they are proof that I lived and I healed

And as long as I feel pain I know I’m alive

This is the lesson that began when I was five



The End

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