A women coming of age to lead the members of there religon into a bright new future with becomes threated when a new face appears in town a choice must be made in a battle of love and betrayal.......who will win her heart and who will she become

The year was 1823 in the middle of a hot June night, "Its hot" she said. As she opened the window that enters onto her balcony. The lace curtains that hung to the floor, it covered the white door trimmed with gold. Shadows danced along the wall of bedroom, with the lantern burning bright: the flicker of light that moved with the wind as thou it was one a partner; The warm summer night allowed the stars to be seen and it looked as if she reach out she could grab one.*sigh*"mmmh.....that feels nice"she replied as the wind blows under her long auburn hair, her nightgown blowing ever so slightly. She notices that the breeze seems to bring alive all that is around her as she watches the leaves that move about as it they are dancing just for her. She giggled as she saw a racoon scurry about. She walked back into her room as she sits on the edge of her queen size down-feather  bed she sighs thinkin of the young man that caught her eye that day in the market. Who was he she thought to herself i've never seen him before. The thoughts racing through her young mind she was 17 just three days before her 18th birthday the day when she would take her place amongst the adults; in  a town that had a different version of life and a very different way of living. A knock at the door brings her thoughts back "come in" as the door creeks open a shadow ripples across the floor slowly her mother enters the room a beautiful woman that aged gracefully even in her late 30's she looks so mych younger that they could pass as sisters no more than a handful of years apart. "Cant sleep" her mothers asks "no" she replied are you thinkin of you big day."yes" she answered wondering if i'm going to have what it takes to lead the group into the future like the prophets foretold, i understand that its a big step you will be the youngest leader in the history of our religion 18 a mere child but yet a woman "do you think i can do it?" She asks her eyes lookin up at her mother the fire that burns within you is stronger than any other light i have ever witnessed. The power that you harness within you will be truly seen and we will help you in all your endures of life and learning. the worry on her seems to be put at ease. oh what did you want oh i came to give you this i know im suppose to wait until your birthday but i simply cant wait.........

The End

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