Flashback to My 14th Birthday

I don’t quite remember the day of my 14thbirthday. The memory is fuzzy in my brain, probably because I didn’t consider the event to be so important. I’d carried on with the whole ‘who cares’ mentality. So what, I’m turning 14. Big deal. Everyone does.

I’m not normally the kind of person who gets all excited over their aging another year and throwing a blast of a party but neither am I the kind of person to just let it go like such a normal event. I love being happy you see. I’m an optimist. And I try to make every day special in some way or the other. But that day had been an exception.

So I’d woken up in the morning, took a shower, got dressed into my school uniform and yadayadayada. A normal day. The one thing that was different was the blessings I received from my parents who were more or less happy that I was now no longer a 13 year old. I just nodded and smiled.

Then of course, I went to school. Ah school. Yes. Ninth grade was a bummer. And I cried that day – not for the reason that you might think. That day, I realized the value of two of my friends.

The End

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