And We Begin...NOW.

April 19, 1997: the day I was born.

Present day: April 18, 2012

Almost exactly fifteen years has passed, take a day.

I remember how one of my friends freaked out when she turned fifteen. She kept going on and on about how old she'd gotten, how she'd never be fourteen or younger again. One line in particular, I remember "I'll never be able to have my first kiss again!"

All I did was laugh. Like that really matters to me (but what do I know, I haven't had mine). 


What I'm saying is I don't see the big deal about turning fifteen. Or fourteen. Or any other age really. You just continue to grow up, it's not that much of a big deal right?

But then why am I even writing this in the first place? 

Aha! There's a good question!

Because I want to remember some significant events and special people that I came to know in my fourteenth year of life. I'm sure I can do that without writing it out but some of these special people are people I met on Protag. 

And I owe them each a big thank-you for being so awesome.

So that's what this is all about. 

The End

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